Welcome!  Here at KNJR, our desire is to serve the community by offering a cup of cold water in Christ′s name, encouraging you with music, psalms, the spoken word and highlighting events that you might not otherwise hear about, to be further encouraged or to serve others in need. We also hope to restore an element for worshiping our Creator that might have been lost in this modern age and prompt a deep consideration for our relationship with Him as well as others around us.

Po Box 4498,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

If you have any questions or comments, email us at mail@knjr.org

5 Responses to “Home”

  1. del says:

    I really enjoy your program selection of music. Please show your U.S. Mail Address too. Thank You!

  2. gandkm says:

    How great is our God! We are so happy to have found you in the Conejo. Thank you.

  3. del says:

    I’m in Simi Valley and at night I can hear the KNJR broadcast while parked at 2350 Tapo Street(x-Cochran) and it’s a light to my soul!

  4. auntpreble says:

    Love the music!!! It reminds me so far of what you did two years ago–not last year but in 2009. That year, you played so many different genres of music–all Christmas. Aside from it’s being Christmas music, it was some of the very best music I’d ever heard. Good job! I’d love to hear that again this year. What I’ve been hearing just now, 6:30-ish p.m. 11/26/11 is great. Thanks!

  5. John says:

    Heard some great music yesterday on your station…Your Love Broke Through (Keith Green), From Above (Burlap to Cashmere), Thankful (Caedmon’s Call). What an inspiring music selection! Who picks this stuff? I hadn’t heard the Keith Green song in over a decade, but still remembered most of the words. I asked my 9-year-old son if he liked it and he said he did. I asked if it sounded old to him. He said no. That’s because he was such a gifted song writer, I said. That’s the second time I’ve heard “From Above” on your station. Where can you get that song? I asked the B2C guys when they were in LA a few months ago after telling them I heard it on a local radio station and even they don’t even know where to find the song!

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